Airbus Family Spirit

Get a behind-the-scenes perspective as Airbus showcases its product line of modern jetliners with an impressive formation flight, which included the A320neo, A330-200, A350-900 and A380 aircraft.

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Glasgow Prestwick Airport is considered to be the only place in the United Kingdom where Elvis Presley ever set foot, when the United States Army transport plane carrying him home stopped to refuel in 1960, en route from Germany. A lounge bearing his name and a marker reflecting this event were inaugurated in 2006.

100 Years of Commercial Aviation

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Transporting a symbolic flame on-board

Extract from the 54th edition of Dangerous Goods Regulations, 2013: Carriage of Flames

With the approval of the appropriate authority of the State of Origin, or transit (where applicable), of Destination and of the Operator, lamps fuelled by UN 1223--Kerosene or UN 3295-- Hydrocarbons, liquid, n.o.s., carried by a passenger to transport a symbolic flame (e.g. Olympic flame, Peace flame) may be carried in accordance with the provisions of Special Provision A224.

For the purpose of transporting a symbolic flame, the appropriate authority of the States of origin, of destination and of the operator may appropve the carriage of lamps fuelled by UN 1223--Kerosene, or UN 3295--Hydrocarbons, liquid n.o.s., carried by a passenger as carry on baggage only.

Lamps must be of a "Davy" type or similar apparatus. In addition, the following conditions apply as a minimum:

a) no more than four lamps may be carried on board the aircraft;

b) lamps may contain no more fuel than the quantity adequate for the duration of the flight and the fuel must be contained in a leakproof reservoir;

c) lamps must be adequately secured;

d) whilst on board the aircraft, the lamps must be under the constant supervision of an accompanying person, who must not be a member of the operating crew;

e) lamps may be lit by the accompanying person, but must not be refilled on board the aircraft;

f) at least one fire extinguisher must be kept within reach of the accompanying person at all times. The accompanying person must be trained in the use of the extinguisher.;

g) the crew members of the aircraft must be given a verbal briefing about the carriage of the lamps and the pilot-in-command must be provided with a copy of the approval; and

h), c), e),, and 9.6.1 of these Regulations must apply.