Special mounts and special views from Artur Sarkysian

Czech L-29 plane celebrates its 50th anniversary above Stupino Airfield in Russia..

Russian aerobatic display team Russ flying L-39 Albatros planes at the 2014 F1 Russia GP in Sochi, Russia..

L-39 taking off with a female passenger..

The most extreme video with GoPro camera: max flight speed=1000km/h, acceleration g=6 The video was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero2 camera installed on the tail of a Mig-29 and inside the cockpit of a Su-27 of the so-called Kubinka Diamond. The Russian Air Force display team made by four Flankers of the Russian Knights and and five Fulcrums of the Strizhi (Swifts)..

Mig-29s from other crazy perspectives..

The world’s first GoPro mount on-board the MiG-31 Foxhound..

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