[Jobs at close from Malpensa] The Ramp Agent

What does a ramp agent do? No one knows better about the correct preparation of cargo and aircraft. Andrea, the first featured in our series “10 People Tell Their Stories”, introduces us to one of the most fascinating professions at the airport!The ramp agent is in charge of all ground handling operations for the aircraft’s stop and turn-around process. His job is to check every activity that takes place with the aircraft: passengers disembarkation, unloading of baggage, cargo, mail, refuelling and maintenance. He also coordinates catering operations, aircraft cleaning, loading of the aircraft itself as well as passenger boarding: the plane is prepared for the next flight, day and night. That’s because Malpensa is an intercontinental airport, open 24/7 for cargo and freight traffic.

Andrea talks of cargo, amusing anecdotes and marshalling ... curious to know what it is?

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