Transporting a symbolic flame on-board

Extract from the 54th edition of Dangerous Goods Regulations, 2013: Carriage of Flames

With the approval of the appropriate authority of the State of Origin, or transit (where applicable), of Destination and of the Operator, lamps fuelled by UN 1223--Kerosene or UN 3295-- Hydrocarbons, liquid, n.o.s., carried by a passenger to transport a symbolic flame (e.g. Olympic flame, Peace flame) may be carried in accordance with the provisions of Special Provision A224.

For the purpose of transporting a symbolic flame, the appropriate authority of the States of origin, of destination and of the operator may appropve the carriage of lamps fuelled by UN 1223--Kerosene, or UN 3295--Hydrocarbons, liquid n.o.s., carried by a passenger as carry on baggage only.

Lamps must be of a "Davy" type or similar apparatus. In addition, the following conditions apply as a minimum:

a) no more than four lamps may be carried on board the aircraft;

b) lamps may contain no more fuel than the quantity adequate for the duration of the flight and the fuel must be contained in a leakproof reservoir;

c) lamps must be adequately secured;

d) whilst on board the aircraft, the lamps must be under the constant supervision of an accompanying person, who must not be a member of the operating crew;

e) lamps may be lit by the accompanying person, but must not be refilled on board the aircraft;

f) at least one fire extinguisher must be kept within reach of the accompanying person at all times. The accompanying person must be trained in the use of the extinguisher.;

g) the crew members of the aircraft must be given a verbal briefing about the carriage of the lamps and the pilot-in-command must be provided with a copy of the approval; and

h), c), e),, and 9.6.1 of these Regulations must apply.

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